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It's no surprise, that Drumsound & Bassline Smith, who can claim a direct link with the foundations of jungle, are capable of connecting the dots between present and past. And they've achieved it once again. The semi-tone discord of the evolving pad, the recontextualised Grandmaster Flash lyric, the time-marking high-pitch stab. You see, the intro of Lose My Head is golden age techstep reborn into the white light of ultra-contemporary production standards. Drawing us in and enveloping us in the sound, this is inescapable late-night rave music that attacks on a mental and physical level simultaneously. The gut-punch of the drop dispels any last trace of the notion that this is a mere exercise in nostalgia. There's a raw savagery to the bassline which will scythe through any dance and get backs off the wall instantly. And when it switches and transforms into staccato sonic bullets it's game over. Coupled with those break-supported rolling beats that Drumsound & Bassline Smith can always bring to the party, this is going to be doing damage for a long time to come.

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