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When one of Technique Recordings' new signings drops their first release, there's, understandably, a buzz of anticipation among DnB heads. The duo formerly known as Glass Cobra, even more formerly known as Dubba Jonny & Russla, now going by the name No Concept, has a lot of heritage to live up to. That they're more than capable of it is clear right from the intro of this EP's first track, Nowhere to Hide. As Arte's vocals rise and blaze over atmospheric chords and shifting patterns of arpeggio, we're drawn inexorably into No Concept's sonic world. And, trust, the title means what it says. There's no hiding from the vicious lash of those snares and thorax-shattering kicks and bass when this beast drops. But then there's another facet of the No Concept sound displayed in This is forward-thinking dancefloor DnB

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